No.7 Flat Top Waffle Cone

No.7 Flat Top Waffle Cone

  • Description
    Cone shaped flat top waffle cone of light golden brown colour with fresh baked char-acteristic odour and flavour and free from extraneous matter. Non GM by origin. All raw materials conform to the FSANZ Code.



    Weight: 15g +/- 1g
    Length (side): 130mm +/- 4mm
    Diameter (Top): 54mm +/- 1mm
    Moisture: 3%, maximum
    Angle: 23 degrees
    Colour: Light Golden Brown

    Texture: Crisp
    Grid Pattern: 7mm x 7mm
    Flavour: Slightly Sweet


    Wheat Flour, Raw Cane Sugar, Wheaten Cornflour, Vegetable Oil, Emulsifier (Lecithin 322), Water, Fibre, Salt.


    Allergen Statement
    Contains Wheat and Soy Ingredients.


    Shelf Life
    9 months from bake date.


    Storage Conditions
    Dry store at ambient temperature.


    ‘Handle Like Eggs’, do not drop or turn outers on their sides.

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