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"We believe that to succeed, we must maintain the highest standards of behaviour towards each and every person our organisation comes into contact with. We conduct our business with integrity and respect for our customers, our employees and the environment. We use only the finest ingredients in all of our products and, at all times, maintain the highest possible standards in quality and hygiene.
Put simply, we strive to be the best that we can be in all that we do"
Warren Stratton

Established in 1984, the Scandinavian Cone Company is a family owned and operated business.

When a young family from Denmark found that their favorite treat – Danish waffle cones – could not be found in their new home they took it upon themselves to import the cones from Denmark. They soon found themselves supplying ice cream stores throughout Sydney. The cones proved to be so popular that, in 1984, they took a punt, invested in their own waffle cone-baking oven and Scandinavian Cone Company was born.


In 1996, Warren and Karen Stratton bought the business and moved production to the rural centre of Murwillumbah, on the far North Coast of New South Wales.

Proximity to transport hubs and infrastructure, combined with an idyllic climate, friendly locals and a relaxed lifestyle made Murwillumbah the perfect choice for a young family enterprise.


Murwillumbah is a sugar growing area and raw sugar is one of the major ingredients in waffle cone manufacture. The sugar we use is Bonsucro Certified raw sugar made from sustainable local farms. This high quality raw sugar is what gives Scandinavian Cone Company waffle cones their unique colour and flavour. Scandinavian Cone Company is proud that they do not use any artificial colour or flavours.


The other main ingredient in waffle cones is flour.  As part of it’s commitment to quality, Scandinavian Cone Company source a very specific type of wheat. It is stored whole and only milled on the day before delivery. This ensures that the flour arrives in absolutely perfect condition for waffle cone baking.


Scandinavian Cone Company’s water runs from the foothills of Mt Warning and is perfect for waffle cone making. It has just the right combination of chemistry and hardness to bake the perfect waffle.


Since 1996, Scandinavian Cone Company has enjoyed considerable success and now distributes waffle cones throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Customers include small, one-store, family ice cream shops right through to major chain stores and national and international food companies.


Scandinavian Cone Company also exports to the Pacific lslands, the Middle East and parts of Asia.


Scandinavian Cone Company has come a long way from its very humble beginnings.


Its modern, purpose-built, factory has several manufacturing lines with state-of-the-art ovens and equipment.  An on-site food technologist maintains standards to the highest Quality Assurance levels.


Scandinavian Cone Company are bakers of Australia's finest waffle cones.

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